Basic Life Support

This course has been written to introduce its reader to the requirements and competency surrounding Immediate Life Support. It is not designed to act as a means by which competency in undertaking these competencies are assessed. It aims to introduce the reader to the required competency surrounding the use of baseline interventions in a variety of life-threatening situations. This course includes the following topics: • Legal obligations • Survival chain • Recognising the signs of a patient who is deteriorating • ABCDE – the approach to the patient who is deteriorating • Airway obstruction • Recognising breathing problems • Recognising Anaphylaxis • Circulation problems • Alert Verbal Pain Unresponsive (AVPU) scale • The Glasgow Coma Scale • Exposure • The algorithm for use in advanced life support • European Resuscitation Top Messages • Confirming Cardiac Arrest • Resuscitation Guidelines (Resuscitation Council (UK) • Ventilation and Airway • When it is time to stop CPR • Recovery position